Standard Inventory
With our stock management software, you are given all the tools necessary to track and manage standard inventory.
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Track and Manage Standard Inventory

Our Inventory Tracking System was designed to help any kind of business or organization, regardless of size or industry, tackle any inventory tracking challenge. Therefore, we decided to split up inventory into different categories and the first, most basic, category would be Standard Inventory.

What is Standard Inventory?

Standard Inventory was designed to categorize the most simple types of inventory. In our system, Standard Inventory is defined as inventory with an item number and quantity. This can be anything from pens and pencils in your storage room, to basic building materials in the warehouse. This type of Inventory does not need to be tracked by lot, batch, or serial numbers.
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More Examples of Standard Inventory

Here are a few more examples of different types of Standard Inventory Items you can track within our system. Please note that if you do not see something you have in mind, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you track it! These are only a few examples of Standard Inventory.

Inventory System Standard Image2
Office Supplies
Pens, pencils, staples, paper
Inventory System Standard Image3
Building Materials
Bolts, screws, nails
Inventory System Standard Image4
Uniform Items
Boxes of t-shirts and shorts

Ask Us!

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Our system is powerful enough to handle any kind of inventory tracking needs. If you need any help with a specific tracking challenge you have, give our support or sales team a call and they will ensure that our advanced inventory tracking software can help.
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