Advanced Stock
With our stock management software, you are given all the tools necessary to track whatever type of inventory you need.

Stock Management Software

In order to ensure that our Inventory Tracking System can work for any organization with any type of tracking needs, we have split up inventory into different categories. This allows us to tackle the specific needs of any organization because tracking things like chemicals, clothes, and food items all have very different tracking requirements. 

Track Any Type of Inventory

From pencils to cooked meals to large medical devices, our system will track it all. Any type of inventory you have, we can help you manage it. We are here to help you. Give our support or sales team a call and we can help you find what you need.
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Standard Inventory
Some examples of Standard Inventory include nails, screws, lumber, paper, and general items. This type of Inventory does not need to be tracked by lot, batch, or serial numbers.
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Serial Number Inventory
Serial Number Inventory are items with a stock or serial number attached to it. Some examples of this include appliances or electronics.
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Serialized with Quantity
These include Inventory items that have an expiration date and a serial number. A couple examples of this include spools of wire or chemical drums.
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Batch/Lot inventory
These items are tracked with an expiration date. Some examples of items that would have expiration dates are food, chemicals, or medical supplies.
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Non-Inventory Items
These are “items” that you cannot put on a shelf but can still charge for. If you don’t think your inventory or services fit into any of the other categories, they probably fit in this one.

Benefits of Using Our Stock Management Software

tracking barcoding inventory software
Track many different types of Inventory in one system.
tracking barcoding software inventory
Barcode Tracking
Easily create and print barcodes for each type of stock item
tracking inventory barcoding software
Configurable Data Fields
Sort and filter through current stock item data
tracking software inventory barcoding
Inventory Value
See the value of each stock item before sold or used
tracking software barcoding inventory
Full Visibility
Track location and time period held for improved traceability
tracking inventory software barcoding
Notifications and Alerts
Instant notifications via email or text for any type of Inventory Alert

Create & Configure Inventory Data Reports

Our Advanced Inventory feature includes a variety of reporting dashboards you can choose from to improve your organization’s business intelligence Inventory Tracking System gives users the ability to create reports using any inventory data preferred and relevant to you so you can have full visibility of your stock items.
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