Asset Tracking Wireless Sync Feature

Our Asset Tracking System allows users to have multiple options for live data synchronization. With our Wireless Synchronization feature, users can sync in real-time without having to physically dock their mobile scanner.

Real-time Wireless Synchronization Capabilities

Save downtime and travel time with wireless synchronization

Synchronize mobile transactions with the System wherever transactions occur

Enable offsite and remote system use

Bi-directional synchronization allows mobile devices to keep data updated in real-time

Automatic updates for the latest data collection field name structures

asset tracking wireless sync image1

Sync Data Using a USB Dock Station

A scanner can be hard docked for real-time synchronization at a desktop USB docking station. With the addition of the Real-time data synchronization from Mobile Barcode Scanners, using a USB docking station and intranet for closed network security, a virtual private network (VPN)

Sync Data Using Wi-Fi

Users of the Asset Tracking System have the ability to synchronize their Data in real-time using an 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless network.

asset-tracking wireless sync image2
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