ASAP Systems, the Market Leader in Inventory and Asset Tracking, Continues to Facilitate Inventory Management.

ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking, announces a new enhancement to its Inventory Unit of Measure Feature.

The Unit of Measure Feature is designed to give users the ability to receive at a different measurement than they are issuing/consuming. The Inventory Unit of Measure Feature allows a variety of units of measurement for a stock item, Receive, Inventory and Issue such as; Each box of 10 for quantity, yards for length, and liters for volume. This Inventory Feature increases the flexibility of all enterprises that are constantly receiving and issuing inventory items. 

A simple example, a  Company receives 100 boxes of pencils, each box contains 10 pencils. The Inventory System will record 1000 pencil as inventory upon receiving.

“ ASAP Systems’ Inventory System continues to design features to facilitate and increase flexibility and give the users seamless inventory management. The Unit of Measure Feature is created to accelerate and streamline any enterprise’s workflow.” Said Joseph Azzi, ASAP Systems’ Head of engineering. 

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