Complete Barcode Inventory System for Delaware State Police

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With the help of our Cloud-Based Software, the Delaware State Police (DSP) is able to efficiently manage their supplies coming in and out of their warehouse. Before working with ASAP Systems, the IT department at DSP had to constantly maintain the very outdated software and time-consuming spreadsheets.

A representative from DSP stated, “we wanted to start small, baby steps, and provide our Supply section with similar functionality that they were used to with their old system while also providing them with better reporting capabilities than they previously had.”

The most common features DSP utilizes daily in their inventory processing are Receive, Issue, and Reporting. Since their “Supply” section receives new inventory such as uniforms, belts, and shoes into their warehouse daily, ease of use was of top importance. And of course, when ready to be taken out and “issued” to other sections within DSP, the inventory is scanned and tracked properly to keep an accurate record of DSP supplies. Lastly, the leadership staff at DSP was searching for a way to get reports on how much of the inventory was used and where it’s used the most. So, they took advantage of our system’s ability to create and design as many configurable reports as needed and schedule them to be emailed hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

We are so excited to partner with the Delaware Police Department and help them streamline their Inventory Management process. Stay tuned for more cutting-edge technology and benefits from ASAP Systems and its unrivaled Inventory Tracking System.

About ASAP Systems

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