ASAP Systems’ Inventory System reveals its Shopping Cart Module


ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking, reveals the Online internal Shopping Cart Module for its Inventory System.

Our Inventory System’s Shopping Cart Module offers users their own Internal Shopping Cart. This module empowers organizational employees to log into the Online shopping cart and browse available inventory items or asset items in their own warehouses/stockrooms.

The Web-Based module grants flexibility to employees to access their Shopping Cart anywhere, any time. Our Inventory System’s Shopping Cart Module is highly customizable and can fit every user’s needs and requirements.

Gerges Tannous, ASAP System’s Engineering Supervisor stated:” The Shopping Cart Module is designed for specific customer’s needs in order to enhance their Asset and Inventory management.”

Although the needs of the Online Shopping Cart users may differ from one client to another, the process of our Inventory System’s Shopping Cart Module remains the same. Organizational employees using their own access to the shopping cart will be able to browse available assets or/and inventory items in their own warehouse/stockroom. Employees select the desired items and wait for their administrator’s approval, after approval and processing, the order will be packed and shipped to the designated employee.

About ASAP Systems:

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