ASAP Systems Announces a Breakthrough in the Pharmaceutical Industry with its Inventory System.

(United States)

ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System declares how its Inventory System has improved the daily operations of Gulf Biotech by effectively tracking their inventory anywhere, anytime.

Gulf Biotech, founded in 2015, is a pharmaceutical, contract manufacturing services company. The Pharmaceutical company was in need of a strategy to implement impeccable inventory management and concluded the only way to reach such a level of efficiency was to implement an Inventory System.

Gulf Biotech’s main concern was their lack of ability to track inventory. Our Inventory System easily met those needs and provided Gulf Biotech with the best solution for their tracking problem.

Mourad Gamal Marketing Excellence Manager at Gulf Biotech, stated: “Our Employees using the system adapted with system quickly.”

The dynamic industry required a flexible and highly configurable system to ensure efficient inventory management. Gulf Biotech is currently tracking over 2600 consumable inventory items, and our Inventory System allows standard and batch item tracking, which Gulf Biotech is using.

Implementing the Inventory System increased Gulf Biotech’s efficiency by having accurate and reliable inventory data. Being a System gives the company the power to access the Inventory System and be updated anytime, anywhere using a web browser.

About ASAP Systems

We solve the biggest problems in Inventory Management and Asset Tracking. Through many years of experience, working on a vast range of unique customer requirements, we have developed unmatched expertise in creating solutions to fit almost any budget, technical or user requirement. Our highly-configurable and scalable barcode-based tracking systems are designed to provide maximum ROI today, tomorrow and into the future. Offices in San Jose, California (headquarters) and Austin, Texas.