ASAP Systems’ Asset Tracking & Inventory System reveals new enhancements for its Reporting Feature.


ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking, reveals new enhancements to its reporting feature.

Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System’s Reporting Feature offers users absolute visibility over their own asset and inventory items. This Feature enables organizational users to generate configurable reports or choose from available reports within multiple categories.

Reports provide managers with relevant, live, and accurate data to assist them in making informed decisions. In this feature update, enhancements were made to the categories and available default reports. The new report column will allow users to easily switch between system generated reports, favorite reports and also the ability to add new reports. Furthermore, the number of available reports within every category is displayed for users.

Joseph Azzi, ASAP System’s Head of Engineering stated:” These newly added enhancements provide our users an easier way to differentiate between the system’s generated reports and the reports created by the users.  In addition, the creation process of a new report did away with the old wizard and replaced it with a one page easy to use and intuitive design”

In addition, enhancements were made to the custom report field. To facilitate the Asset Tracking and Inventory System user’s process in creating a custom report, the new user interface combined the 5 step process to create a custom report into one page. Users are able to provide a report name, select the category they would like the report to be in, and also, choose which details the user would like to see in the report, these details can be added to the report by double-clicking, selecting with arrows or drag and drop.

A new preview function is also added, This function will allow users to see the report before actually generating it. This will also allow them to make corrections as needed.

About ASAP Systems:

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