Women Leading the Way in the Tech Field at ASAP Systems

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As Global President of ASAP Systems, what horizons and leadership experiences has your current position and field offered you that other positions and fields have not?

The worldwide exposure to different cultures and new technologies. I was never so much into tech until I started working at ASAP Systems. I was designated first to run the EMEA Region, then I was appointed as a Global President.


What ignited you to go through the transition from the legal profession to the world of IT? In what ways was your legal expertise incorporated in your current position and field?

Four years ago, I met the CEO of the Company by pure chance through a relative, and he needed someone to run his Asset Tracking and Inventory System in the EMEA Region. I love challenges, and the fact that I come from a very different background added to it. So, I took this challenge at heart and since then, my life has completely changed. Being a lawyer gave me a very strong basis to start with, especially the legal reasoning that helps a lot in management positions.


What are your most memorable experiences that lead you to the person you are today and prepared you for the position you now hold?

I believe in destiny and in the fact that everything happens for a reason. Losing both of my parents the same year, taught me a lot: I learned how to grow independent and how to rely only on myself in order to be able to handle future responsibilities especially when it comes to educating my children as my parents did with me. My husband always has supported me in all my personal and professional decisions. All these experiences added to 14 years of experience in the Legal Field, one year of consultancy in the Lebanese Parliament and another year of Legal Consultancy for a board of directors in the Telecom Field, were a must for me to be prepared to transition to this bigger role in Management.


What is the cherry on top that distinguishes ASAP Systems within the industry?

Currently in the midst of the COVID Pandemic, our newest addition, the Enterprise License, is being used by Health Departments and by Government Entities in Washington DC to track a wide range of supplies across many hospitals and warehouses during the crisis.

We are the only barcode solution that combines both an Inventory System and Asset Tracking with thousands of customers all over the globe. We serve all Industries: Education, Military, Information Technology, Government, Warehouse Management, EMS and Fire…

Keeping in mind, we never stop innovating; our Asset Tracking and Inventory System is highly configurable and modular in order to fit all industries and their tracking needs.


What do you believe are the main skills/traits one must possess to thrive in their professional life? And in the field of IT in particular?

Like the CEO of the Company always advises me, the below traits are a must:

  • Be a pioneer and have the vision of the specific needs and key insights of the different industries in the IT field.
  • Innovate, Innovate and Innovate to always be ahead.

What structural, social, and economical advantages can women inclusion bring to the table in the world of IT?

Off the top of my head I would say: creating diversity in opinions that brings greater Returns on Investments. A different way of seeing things always leads to a better performance.


What is the leadership style that you developed through merging all of your experiences?

I have learned that, as a Leader, it is not necessary to be popular. There is this balance you have to create between being a Leader and building relationships with your employees. The most challenging part is how you can trust your employees and keep them motivated all the time.


You’ve acted as a Legal Advisor for the Parliamentary Commission on the Rights of Women and Children in all matters pertaining to legislation and Specific Law projects. Based on your expertise, what can be done to put end to the common unjust practices still applying on both global and local levels? And – in parallel – what are the achievements that are unveiled along the way?

Unfortunately, in our country, politics play a big role in the Legal Field. Back then, we put 2 or 3 bills before the Lebanese Parliament, these bills being related to the Nationality (Lebanese women to give nationality to their foreign children) and to the Domestic Violence Act. Unfortunately, these bills either did not make it to the Parliament or were amended. This is without mentioning the Law of Civil Marriage. Lebanon still needs a lot of improvement in this area. Maybe getting more women involved in legislation and in key positions will help solve some unjust practices.


Can you talk about one woman who has significantly impacted your life? Do you have a role model?

My mother. I built my personality around the strength she gave me since my youngest age.


If you could introduce only one piece of legislation to further gender balance, what would it be?

The right of Lebanese women to nationalize their children when born to foreign fathers.


What are your proudest achievements?

Being the mom of 2 children and the Global President of ASAP Systems.


What’s next for Hala Kmeid?

Only time can tell …. But for sure more and more challenges, and never a minute of break.

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