Receive Full Benefit from ASAP Systems Asset Tracking System

Los Angeles, Jun 30, 2020

ASAP Systems, the market leader in Asset Tracking, offers the Receive Feature. Providing the ability to easily receive assets, this feature is aimed at empowering organizations to increase productivity and enhance workflow, all while saving precious time and company money.

Receiving assets has never been easier, enabling users to receive multiple assets quickly and easily without the hassle of useless information that can delay the process.

The Asset Tracking Receive Feature offers the ability to assign assets to a specific person.  Additionally, users can receive within an already created location or can create a new location while receiving assets.

For an added benefit, when receiving assets, users can print a hard copy of the transaction receipt. This added bonus offers full documentation for archiving purposes or any necessary proof that assets have been received.

Receive maximum benefit from the Receive Feature, that is offered by our market-leading Asset Tracking System, and be guaranteed to increase productivity and workflow.

About ASAP Systems

We are ASAP Systems, a market leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions that uses barcode technology with mobile barcode scanners, smartphones, and tablets. We help improve profitability by eliminating manual data entry, paper files, and forms and by automating record keeping. With our powerful System, businesses know 24/7 how and where assets and inventory are received, stored, used, and disposed of in the warehouse, in the field, and in the office. Offices in California (headquarters) and Texas.