“Check Out” What ASAP Systems, the Market Leader in Inventory and Asset Tracking, is Doing with its New Feature Enhancement

ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking, just made Mobile equipment management easier as they announce a new enhancement to its Mobile Check-Out Feature.  The real-time Asset Tracking feature that already offers users increased flexibility and allows management enhanced visibility over company assets has added an additional layer of support to ensure Assets are not lost.

During the Check Out process, assets are assigned to a person or location.  Checking out an asset is generally a temporary action since the asset is expected back at some point.  With the new Mobile App enhancement, once the checked-out item is due to be checked back in, the transaction turns to the color red to notify users that it is time for the item to be checked back in. The system users can monitor the situation and if needed, contact the responsible employee with a gentle reminder that the item needs to be returned.

“This feature is essential to help decrease asset equipment loss and improve oversight of assets.”  Joseph Azzi, Head of engineers. 

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