What We Do: Warehouse Inventory System – Overview Video

Hello and Thank you for your interest in our industry-leading and complete Tracking Solution.

 [What we do]

At ASAP Systems we offer three tracking Solutions for organizations ranging from Large Multinational organizations with hundreds of users, all the way down to a small local organization with a hand full of users. Our three solutions are:

  • A Barcode based Inventory System for normal, Serialized and Batched items
  • A Barcode or RFID Based Asset Tracking System for Assets, Tools, IT, Audio-Video and all sorts of unique items.
  • And an all In one Inventory and Asset Tracking System.

All our systems are fully configurable to track anything from physical to non-inventoried items.

These systems are designed with three types of users in mind:

1. Administrators: Folks who can Configure, create users, Assign security and levels of access, along with well over 50+ Administrative functions.

2. System Users:  Designated concurrent users with the ability to manage the organization’s inventory from receiving to moving to consuming and all other designated functions of the system, that also includes:

  •  Conduct transactions
  • Create new records
  • Create and run pre-existing and self-made reports
  • Configure their personal view preference
  • View historical data

3. All other personnel: each designated individual in your organization has separate interface access to:

  • A shopping cart to request inventory, view the status of their requests and historical data

{Keep in mind these functions apply only to your internal organization’s Inventory.}

[How it benefits you and why we are unique]

Our Warehouse Inventory System can be delivered either as a Cloud-Based or On-Premise Client/Server solution.  Two separate access interfaces; one for Admins and Users and another for all staff members. It also includes Apple and Android mobile apps.

It is highly configurable: Administrators and certain users can rename data collection fields, create new ones, enhance or simplify forms, and choose how to view data grids.

Prior to and even after purchasing this system, clients can choose from a wide array of add-on features and modules that are constantly enhanced and developed to fit any specific needs and requirements, no matter how unique. Modules like Inventory Pack and Ship, Inventory Quickbooks integration, Inventory Min/ Max Locations… and many more.

The solutions have passed rigorous security tests and are extremely secure.

Clients can choose Barcode scanners, printer, and labels and the integration that fits their environments.

 [ access Options]

For unparalleled Inventory Management, we provide 2 data access options:

  • A single database also is known as a site, where all items are visible to all users regardless of their site location
  • And separate data sets also known as Multi Sites access by site location.  In other words, users in each site can only have access to their local data.  In this scenario, any Administrator and few select users can have access to all site data.

Pricing for the Single site or Multi Sites includes a concurrent pricing scheme for Administrator and Users.  We provide unlimited and Free licenses for view-only users. We also provide the first 20 Staff licenses free of charge.  Thereafter those licenses are priced by packs of 20. Mobile apps, additional Sites, Hardware, services, and accessories are priced separately.

[Technical Support Options]

We offer our clients 5 support options, some free support such as:

  • Online support
  • Webchat

and others are paid for such as

  • Phone Support
  • A la carte
  • Multiple specialized Plans

[Our Customers and Industries]

With thousands of clients all over the globe in all industry tries, our major clients come from a vast array of industries notably: IT, Education, government, military, auto, services, and many others.


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