Inventory Unit Of Measure Feature – Training Video

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“Welcome to the Best in Class widely used Barcode Based Inventory Management Solution.

Today we are looking at the Unit of Measure functions. Units of Measure acts as a multiplier to help save time and convert between measurements like gram and kilogram or gallons and fluid ounces. Each Unit of Measure has 3 parts in our Inventory System. There is the Unit of Measure Code, the Unit of Measure Name, and the Unit of Measure Multiplier. Often the Code and Name will be the same. The multiplier is the number the user entered quantity is multiplied against to reach the final number. A case of 24 would have a multiplier of 24, just as a 2 pack would have a multiplier of 2.

In our powerful Inventory System we have 3 different Units of Measure, Receive, Inventory, and Issue. Each providing a specific function.

The Receive Unit of Measure takes effect when a user receives an item so 1 pack can be received as multiple usable pieces.

The Inventory Unit of Measure is related to counting the items while in-stock. This Unit of measure is usually set to be equal to the Issue Unit of measure except in very specific situations.

The Issue UoM effects the sale or usage of the items so a user can issue 1 case and have the system calculate the proper quantity to remove from inventory.”

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