Inventory System and Asset Tracking – Scheduled Reporting – Training Video

inventory system and asset tracking v133

Hello and thank you for joining me.  Today we are discussing a recent update to the Schedule Reporting function for both Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions.

For those who are unfamiliar with scheduled reporting, it allows any existing report to be scheduled for delivery via email.  Our recent update has added options for the report’s format.  Previously all scheduled reports defaulted to PDF, but now users can select from PDF, Excel, CSV, and Word.

To set-up, a new schedule clicks the ‘clock’ icon next to the report name.  In the new window select how often the report needs to be sent out, optionally add the end of occurrence date.  Finally, select the Person to receive the report and the desired format.  When finished hit Save, and that’s it.

Thank you again for joining me for this brief update training video. Be sure to check out the rest of our Training Videos for any other questions.