Inventory System and Asset Tracking For the Government

We specialize in complete Tracking Solutions for all Governmental Agencies including Local Governments, State Governments, Federal Governments, and Government contractors.

We offer our Government customers three Tracking Solutions:

1)A Barcode based Inventory  System for normal, Serialized and Batched items

2)A Barcode or RFID Based Asset Tracking System for Assets, Tools, IT, Media and other government-specific items

3)An all-in-one Inventory and Asset Tracking System

Our Tracking Solutions provide an intuitive approach for different government agencies to track locations, inventory levels, and governmental assets via desktop browser, mobile and tablet browser and mobile apps.

Tracking requirements differ from one department to another; however, our highly configurable systems can be adjusted to accommodate any requirements. Administrative personnel to grant exclusive users access to sensitive government data that would lead to increased accountability and transparency.

  Government Inventory System / Government Inventory Management

In addition to the standard inventory system features such as Receiving, Moving and Consuming inventory, we offer a module design and the ability for the system administrators to set up and configure this solution to make it ideal for any government agency or department.

Modules such as:


1.Standard, Serialized and Batched inventory tracking

2.The ability to pre-set units of measure for each item and pre-setup minimum/maximum quantity levels for such items.

3.Conduct government-required physical Inventory events.

 4.And much more

Administrator and user configurations such as:


1.Purchase order and Consumption approval cycles

2.Configure the barcode labels to simplify automated data capture.

3.Generate unlimited Configurable reports, on historical and current inventory data.

4.Setup Inventory Alerts such as Inventory overstocking and understocking…

 5.And much more

Here are some additional notable system features
1. Inventory Forecast Feature, that predicts future inventory trends and consumption.

2. Shopping cart for non-system users to browse through internal government Inventory and request items for consumption.

3. Any much more.

Government Asset Tracking / Government Asset Management

In addition to asset acquisition and movement, our modular design grants Governments a complete chain-of-custody tracking of valuable government assets. System administrative employees know where every asset is located, where it has been, when and for what reason it has been moved.  That way governments will ensure accountability for the assets’ condition, use, and performance.

Modules such as:


1.Asset Check out / Checkin module.

2.Schedule and perform Asset Maintenance events.

3.Generate Asset Depreciation Reports.

4.Asset Custody Request

5.And much more

Administrator and user configurations such as:


1.Setup Asset Tracking Alerts on check out due dates, warranty end dates, reservations…

2.Attach pictures, documents, videos and notes on assets.

3.Run unlimited asset tracking reports, on relevant data.

4.And much more

Some additional popular system features:

1. The “My Assets” interface to easily reserve specific items for check out and request custody of assets through a separate interface.

2. Responsive design: compatible with any screen size including most phones and tablets

Configurable User-Specific Asset Tracking Dashboard.

3.  Any much more

With over 30+ years of experience, we’ve been serving a large number of government entities and contractors by offering the most secure, up-to-date, easy to use and user-friendly Inventory system and Asset tracking solution with the latest technologies available.