Inventory System and Asset Tracking – System Additions – Training Video

ASAP Systems, a California Inventory System and Asset Tracking provider for businesses of all sizes, Government, Education, Fire-EMS Departments, Stockrooms, Military organizations, and much more.


“Hello and thank you for joining me today. In this quick update video we will be covering a couple enhancements to the new UI. This new update is focused on helping administrators manage training, support, and subscription. The ‘Snapshot’ panel has been updated and will now let users see how much training time is available as well as track the end of life for your subscription and support hours.

Clicking on these will take the users to the new Account Information section with the correct permissions. Without those permissions users will see a special message. Options for Contacting support and scheduling training have also been added to the ‘help’ icon for ease of access and simplicity. Anyone wondering what happened to the par level data circles that were removed from Snapshot, will find them in the new User Panel “Stock Information” Administrators, and any user with the appropriate permissions will be able to access the updated Account Information Section. Here the admins have links to schedule available hours training with ASAP Systems.

If no hours are available they also have a link to purchase more. If you remember, I mentioned a message that would show up for those users without proper permissions. Well, here, in Custom Notification, the Admin can specify exactly what that message will say. While we are in the Account Information Page, let’s drop down to the ‘Subscription End of Life’ section. This is a newly updated section.

Renewals can now be easily requested right through Barcloud simply by hitting the ‘Renew your Subscription’. This will send a message to our renewals department who will reach right out. Last but certainly not least in the Account Information Page is the ‘Support End of Life’ section. Several new options have been added to renew or upgrade your plan. We have also added the schedule support call button and ‘Add more authorized users’. Administrators in Standard or higher packages will also find several new options for controlling which security levels have access to the new functions.

Anyone who can simply view the training options will receive the configurable message when they try to schedule training themselves. Anyone who doesn’t need to know about how much time or support is remaining can have those simply removed from their view. That wraps it up for this update. We hope you enjoy the new visibility and available options. Be sure to stay tuned for the next update video.