Manage your Inventory Items Using our internal Inventory Shopping Cart

ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System, based in Austin, Texas, reveals the enhanced Shopping Cart Feature for its Inventory System.

“Today we’re here to talk about the Shopping Cart for Our Inventory System. This is accessible as a standard web login for any designated user. Now, this is a very powerful and configurable tool there are three types of user access in the Shopping Cart. We have Shoppers, Administrators, and Users. The Shoppers those who log in simply for the purpose of selecting items from the Shopping Cart. There is an unlimited number of No-cost Shoppers. Shoppers can flag their favorite items and categories whether their shopping in category view or item layout view.

Shoppers can save their Cart and come back at it a later time if they need to. The order details allow the users to see the status of any of their existing or prior orders as well as reorder them. Shoppers are easily able to find the items or orders they are looking for with the search index and the ability to apply multiple filters.

The System administrator, are the ones responsible for the setup and configuration. They have a wide variety of configuration options that allow them to the Shopping Cart up for their specific purposes. The administrators have control over things as simple as the image size and that will affect the perspective of the shoppers.

The home screen can be configured to automatically use the categories or the item list view. They can even display the quantities on hand. Optionally a tax rate and the dollars sign can be shown within the system as well. In the grid view, administrators can set up how much and what data the shoppers can see in the columns. In this example, shoppers can see 8 columns of different data. However, like in the example, administrators can set it up with fewer columns of data. In other words, administrators can pre-configure the shopper’s data view.

Adminstrators can set up one or multi-tier approval process which will require the approval of the order prior to its processing. Administrators can even configure how the email and SMS alerts will appear when they go out. A separate shop users configuration page allows the administrators to go in and flag allows notes, import, export in bulk or activate, deactivate and remove those persons from the shop users list. The System users the same views but they are provided with their own unique access point directly above the navigation ribbon.