View-only Inventory Shopping Cart Users

ASAP Systems, an Inventory System and Asset Tracking, providers situated in the United States, fitting for all business sizes and a large variety of industries such as IT Companies, Fire-EMS Departments, Warehouse Management, Government, Education, Military Installations and much more.

“Hello and welcome to the training video for the View-only Shopping Cart users for ASAP Systems Online Inventory Management System. View-Only users will have the same Shopping Cart Configurations apply to them, with a couple of alterations. They will not see quantity on hand nor they will have the ability to place any orders or be connected to customers. Setting up a view-only shopper is the same as any other Shopper would be the only difference here is that we are simply going to choose the “view-only” stock shopping cart. Thank you for joining me.”

About our Inventory System: Empowered by barcodes and mobile devices to engage employees to perform warehouse inventory tasks in the palm of their hand. Gain precision, efficiency, auditability, and above all accurate and real-time inventory levels. Track Inventory items, by using barcode labels utilizing smartphones and barcode scanners to receive, move and pick items within your warehouse, distribution center, stockroom.