Inventory System Shopping Cart Feature


ASAP Systems, a leading provider of barcode Inventory System, announced today new functionality for its cloud SaaS inventory system. Large organizations and enterprises often have centralized supplies in one or more stockrooms or warehouses, now employees can take advantage of ordering directly from their warehouse or company store via the same system that personnel use to keep track of consumable supplies, providing an internal eCommerce solution.

Employees benefit from ordering materials and supplies directly in the warehouse inventory system, reducing paperwork and errors and increasing consistency and efficiency.

Previously, employees would need to call, email, or otherwise submit their hard copy requisition requests. The process typically involved writing down the desired supplies, however, then someone would need to look at the inventory system to see how the products are actually identified as well as their location within the facility. Now users will have a familiar shopping cart experience with the ability to see pictures of products, descriptions, as well as inventory levels.

“We’re delighted to provide practical solutions that solve common problems for so many companies,” says Elie Jean Touma, CEO of ASAP Systems. “The idea of internal eCommerce being fully integrated into the warehouse management system is of tremendous benefit. This is enabled by our SaaS solution, which we’ve been doing for many years now, and further reduces burden on IT and infrastructure.”

Employees have login access to the internal eCommerce user interface such that their requisitions are their own, and from the warehouse perspective these show up in the system as fulfillable sales orders. Billing activities can easily be taken care of by the accounting department, such as billing the employee, their department, or an accounting code. Thus a full circle, accurate, and auditable situation exists.

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