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Quick, easy, and configurable reports with information that matters most.

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Reports with Details That Matter

Configure Inventory Reports with the details and information that matters most.  Our best in class Inventory System offers the ability to create and design as many configurable reports as needed.  Too busy to configure and/or design? No problem!  Our Inventory Reporting Feature has built-in system reports with all the standard details and information needed to deliver an effective Inventory Report.

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Watch and learn what our comprehensive Inventory Reporting Feature can do for you! See how easy it is to have detailed reports with information that matters. In this video we will discuss:


  • The System Report is built-in in the System.
  • The Custom Reports
  • Set date-time triggers for Reports
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Standard vs. Configurable Reports

Standard system reports are built-in and included when the Inventory System is purchased.  Complete reports that convey all the general information necessary for an effective report.  In contrast, custom reports allow users to create their own reports using a simple five-step wizard process.  Multiple options of configuration allow users to choose the information that matters most, such as, necessary fields, changing how the report will be grouped, etc. Additionally, completed reports can be edited in the designer for a completely custom look and feel.

Take Advantage of these Benefits

Custom-designed reports allowing users to decide what information will be explained and how it will be displayed.

Built-in reports offers the ability to quickly access detailed reports without the need to create and/or design.

Detailed Inventory Report can be run and emailed automatically, based on whatever schedule you decide.

Inventory Reports are only a few clicks away when added to your favorites menu.

Schedule the Information that Matters

Within the Inventory Reporting Feature, users have the ability to schedule reports they have been previously configured to be run and emailed hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

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Favorite Inventory Reports

Have a specific report that is used often? Users can designate a Favorite Report and have it shown in a separate section for quick and easy access. Favorite Reports will show in both the Favorites Menu, directly from the Dashboard, or in the Favorite Reports option in the report section.

Visual Reports

Our Inventory Reporting Feature offers the ability to transform numerical data into easy-to-read visual Inventory Reports.  Graphs and charts can be configured to better explain inventory trends, changes, and future direction.


  • Column ChartColumn Chart compares relationships between different data entries. It requires an X and Y input to display a two-dimensional graph system.
  • Bar ChartBar Graphs compare relationships between different data entries. Compared to a column chart, the X and Y inputs are inverted.
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  • Pie ChartPie Charts compare separate parts of a system to the general whole. The distribution is presented in percentages; therefore, the unit of measurement must be the same. Each subdivided segment corresponds to a different category, while the entire chart corresponds to the total.
  • Line ChartLine Charts use a continuous line to connect the dots plotted according to the data on the graph. These charts are especially useful for identifying trends.

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