Inventory System – Quickbooks Integration

“Manually creating bills in QuickBooks Online is a common task. First, you or your warehouse staff receives the product. Second, you go into QuickBooks Online and manually create the bill. Pretty straight forward, but there’s a better way.

Our Inventory System automates inventory tasks and the creation of bills in QuickBooks Online using barcode technology. Here’s how:

First, scan your P.O. barcode using a barcode scanner, smartphone or tablet, scan your location, scan the SKU, and then enter the quantity you are receiving. Finally, tap the process button.

Your live inventory immediately shows what you received on your smart device, and QuickBooks. Here, you can see you now have 500. And in QuickBooks Online, you’ll see the bill that our Inventory System just created, and that the P.O. was closed.

With our Inventory System, there’s a lot more than that. The browser interface allows you to see your inventory levels by location, a history of your transactions, as well as an advanced mode if you are tracking batch items or serial items. It offers analytics, barcode label printing is built-in, and our Inventory System alerts you if you are getting low on inventory.

Our Inventory System is not a one size fits all solution. You easily control how you need our Inventory System to work for you from the system configuration page. For example, you may not be using purchase order files, and they are not required in our Inventory System. So you can easily turn them off. Plus, I can use a tablet to check inventory levels from wherever I am; that’s our Inventory System. To try out our Inventory System today!