Inventory System’s Po to So Feature

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“Hello and Thank you for your interest in our industry-leading and complete Inventory System. We are proud to be ranked among the top 10 Inventory Systems for 2019.

Today we will discuss our newest addition to the Inventory Sales Order Feature. This new function allows users to create an Inventory Purchase Order from an existing Sales Order with back-ordered Inventory items.

This addition eliminates the need to create a new PO form for the Inventory items temporarily out of stock with the supplier. Therefore, it cuts down time spent generating a new PO by 80%.

By simply clicking on the “Create PO” button within the Sales Order Form, a new window will pop-up for the user to auto-generate or name the new Purchase Order. The only action needed is for the user to select the vendor. Quantity to order will be auto-populated to reflect the number of back-ordered inventories.

This function is available for all users who are granted access by the system administrator. Such users would also need to be granted access to generate and edit Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.

We at ASAP Systems, aim to equip our customers with the latest innovations and technologies while maintaining ease-of-use and flexibility. We constantly try to update and add features to accommodate our customer’s needs and requirements.

Stay tuned to our latest additions by having a more in-depth demonstration!

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