AD Integration for Multi-Site Inventory System and Asset Tracking


ASAP Systems, a leading provider of barcode inventory system, announced today that it is releasing new functionality for its Active Directory Integration component, the ability to handle Multi-Site inventory situations.

The benefit to system admins is that there is now just one configuration setup to manage initially. Previously, multiple repeated steps would need to be performed for each site facility in play. And then repeated again on a regular basis as AD users changed.

As organizations grow, their inventory system and asset tracking system would need flexibility in the first place to allow separate inventories, which the Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution do. The architecture has this capability built-in and it’s simply a licensing task to enable it. The AD Integration component needed to match this advanced idea of users being assigned to specific sites. More and more enterprises are enabling employees and distributing the workload so the back end user management needed to follow too.

The strength of a multi-site system is that it allows for a single centralized database, versus having multiple systems one for each site. Furthermore, the Inventory system and asset Tracking Solution combines both the inventory management component and the asset tracking component into one user interface. And with the native ability to print barcodes and the corresponding mobile app to scan them a complete tracking solution is easily implemented.

About ASAP Systems

ASAP Systems provides leading barcode-based inventory systems and asset tracking solutions, offering both on-premises and cloud systems. ASAP Systems helps businesses of almost every industry reduce manual data entry, labor hours, and automate record-keeping throughout their inventory workflow. ASAP Systems has offices in San Jose, California (headquarters) and Austin, Texas.