Inventory System and Asset Tracking for the Military – DD Form 1149

An overview of how users can generate the Department of Defense DD Form 1149 needed for requisitioning, invoicing, and shipping of inventory and property from our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution. This will create a combined list of stock inventory and asset inventory on the same form.

Electronic DD 1149

Military warehouse staff benefits from the familiar look of the electronic DD 1149 because it exactly matches the hard copy they have been filling out. Additionally, the DD 1149 form integration within our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution saves time and reduces errors for a military inventory system since much of it can be filled in electronically.

Automate The DD 1149 Form

Flexibility is a key aspect because the form is used for many different purposes and needs to adapt to every single scenario be it a base, military warehouse, government contractor, etc. One common use for military asset tracking is filling out the form electronically and then printing a hard copy for gathering signatures directly from our Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution.