Breakthrough in the Services Industry by Providing Windy City Equipment with a Barcode-Based Inventory System.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2014

Founded in 2003, Windy City Equipment, Inc. has grown from a one-man operation servicing a few customers to a large-scale provider of commercial kitchen equipment parts and repair services. The company’s growing customer base in the state of Arizona and an increase in total on-hand created the need for an Inventory System that could be scalable to their growth. In order to advance the company’s inventory operations, a system that incorporated barcode technology and smartphones were needed to accurately track the complete lifecycle of their inventory.

As a company, Windy City Equipment had entered a stage of maturity that compelled them to take their inventory operations to the next level. They needed to track about 20,000 commercial kitchen equipment parts that were being stored at a new warehouse facility, sent out in service trucks, and then distributed to customers. Without a barcode tracking system in place, management kept forgetting what parts were stored in the warehouse, how many were stored, and from whom they bought the parts. In addition, service technicians would often inconvenience co-workers in the warehouse by calling them to check stock levels and prices of parts because technicians had no access to this sort of information on the road. This lack of organization and information-sharing inefficiency continuously slowed down operational productivity and hurt the team financially.

The inventory system was perfect for Windy City Equipment because it allowed them to manage their inventory and scan barcodes using the smartphone devices they already owned. The Inventory Mobile app gave the team the ability to keep track of all equipment parts being received, moved, or issued out from the warehouse or off-site. The data captured from the smartphones (e.g. serial numbers, costs, locations, descriptions) could then be compiled and organized as the team saw fit. Also, data fields could be renamed however made the most sense to the staff. This way, all employees could navigate the system fluently without being overwhelmed by unnecessary functions or confusing terminology. The system’s mobile functionality gave Windy City the tools needed to save time searching for inventory information and to improve the quality of technicians’ customer service.

“I expect the inventory system will be a vital part of our operations for years to come,” says Josh Zolin, Vice President of Windy City Equipment.

About ASAP Systems
ASAP Systems is a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems that uses barcode technology with Motorola barcode scanners, smartphones, and tablets. We help improve profitability by eliminating manual data entry, paper files, and forms and by automating record keeping. With our inventory and asset barcode system, businesses know 24/7 how and where assets and inventory are received, stored, used and disposed of in the warehouse, in the field, and in the office.