Asset Tracking and Inventory System, Layout Feature

“Today we are here to talk about the new feature from the Asset tracking and Inventory System

The Inventory and Asset  Tracking layout module will allow users to easily ascertain the exact Asset or stock item in quantities that are available at any particular location. Additionally, users will also able to utilize a search function to locate those items as well. Once an Asset or Stock item has been located a simple click and you’re able to see all the details.

In addition for a full world view, users are able to upload pictures of the sites, the individual buildings and of course the floor plans (The user have the possibility to upload a 3D, 2D or 1D picture and enhance the experience).

The floor plans can be marked up and layout with the locations( break up the floor plans into different locations). This will allow users to select an area and see all that area’s content in a single click if you are a customer reach out to your solutions consultant to get started with this module today.

If your not a customer well it’s a great time to reach out, we will get you set up with a demonstration and a tryout. Thank you very much for joining me. Have a great day!”