ASAP Systems Now Revolutionizes How South Florida Vascula Manages their Medical Supplies Inventory Using Its Inventory System,

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

ASAP Systems Now Revolutionizes How South Florida Vascular Associates Tracks and Managers their Medical Supplies Inventory Using Its Inventory System.

Since 2001, South Florida Vascular Associates (SFVA) has practiced minimally invasive endovascular procedures to diagnose and treat blood vessel diseases for patients in the Boward and Palm Beach counties. In order to perform these procedures, the clinic needs to track, manage, and analyze inventory used throughout three facilities in real-time.

With over 2500 disposable medical supplies on hand, SFVA’s main challenge was to find a system that could track these supplies according to expiration dates, batch-lot numbers, cost, and brand. They needed an automated system to monitor the inventory from when the items are received, to where the items are issued to, and consequently, to what procedure the items are used in. Also, SFVA needed the ability to look back at historical data from previous procedures and know exactly how much the procedure cost and which medical supplies were used.

ASAP Systems recommended its inventory tracking software, because of its easy-to-use and configurable features, which would allow the doctors and associates to track the inventory how they required as well as, support existing operations. Using an automated, barcode-based system to perform physical inventory was quick and saved the team from costly inventory shortages and inaccurate counts that occurred with a manually entered system. In addition, SFVA was given the ability to generate configurable reports used to organize procedural data that could give doctors information and insight that would help with surgical decisions and the development of new procedures.

“I would recommend this program to any company needing to keep track of inventory and generate reports. the Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution is different because you’re able to configure the system to what you need it for, so we didn’t have to change any of our ways in the office,” says Fernando Lebron, an employee at South Florida Vascular Associates.

About ASAP Systems

ASAP Systems is a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems that uses barcode technology with Motorola barcode scanners, smartphones, and tablets. We help improve profitability by eliminating manual data entry, paper files, and forms and by automating record keeping. With our inventory and asset software, businesses know 24/7 how and where assets and inventory are received, stored, used and disposed of in the warehouse, in the field, and in the office.