Inventory System – Enhanced Inventory Forecast Feature

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“Hello and Thank you for your interest in our complete and best in class Barcode Inventory System. We are proud to be ranked among the top 10 Inventory Systems for 2019.

In this video, we will discuss our newest additions to the Inventory Forecasting Feature. The visual enhancement and The new Method.

Inventory Forecast data results are often complex, crowded and hard to read. This release provides the solution to streamline the data and make it visually easy to read and comprehend. Today, users have access to new multi-level drag and drop grouping, more data columns and much more visual data drill-down filtering.

The Straight line with Factor forecast method enables users to choose between historical receiving or consumption data and trends to predict future growth or shrinkage. It is done by assuming a constant growth or shrinkage percentage rate for a predetermined future time interval.

The first step in straight-line forecasting is to find out the growth rate that will be used to calculate inventory levels. For example: In 2018, the growth rate was 4.0% based on historical performance. So assuming the growth will remain constant into the future, we will then use the same growth rate for any future years starting today onwards.

We at ASAP Systems, strive to provide our customers with the latest innovations and technologies while maintaining ease-of-use and accuracy. We constantly seek to update and enhance our features to accommodate our customer’s needs and requirements.

Stay tuned to our latest enhancements by having a more in-depth demonstration!

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