Inventory System – Forecast Feature – Training

ASAP Systems, a California barcode-based Inventory system provider suited for businesses of all sizes, government, education, Fire-EMS Departments, Warehousing, military organizations and much more.

Hello and thank you for joining me. Today we are going to be discussing the latest update to the new Forecasting Module which has added a new Forecasting Method and allows users to group and sort forecast data. So let me show you what we have added.

The new method “Straight Line with Factor” addresses anticipated steady growth. This method will assume a continuous business with a growth factor. Think of the factor as a percent of growth. The system can calculate this factor automatically with proper history, but it will also permit the factor to be set manually.

The second enhancement to forecasting will allow users to take any of the existing reports, whether its a system report or a custom report that they themselves have built, and apply Grouping.

This allows users to go in and choose whether to break-up the information based on something like the stock item, as I have here. Or, for purchasing, maybe the customer makes a little more sense. These groups can also be stacked. Additionally, users can also filter out any of the Forecasted Data or Historical Data to really get down to the specifics that they need.

Thank you so much for joining me for this quick update video, have a great day.”