Inventory Breakdown feature

Gain the ability to track accuratly Inventory items with our Inventory System.

Inventory Breakdown

Breakdown is an Inventory System Tracking Feature that enables an inventory item to be broken down into multiple pieces, with the ability to track those pieces. This powerful feature offers users the option to take one stock item and break it down into multiple stock items. With the Inventory Breakdown Feature, users have the ability to choose the stock item, the quantity the item should be broken down into, and at what location.

Watch & Learn - Inventory Breakdown Feature

Watch and learn how the Inventory Breakdown Feature allows users to easily select any stock item, break it down into bits, choose the quantity, and the location. Also, with capabilities to add a note to the transaction.

Perform Three Transactions Within One Function

Within the Breakdown Feature, users are able to perform the Issue, Receive and Dispose Transactions.

When selecting the stock item needing to be broken down

For the new stock items derived from the original stock item

When there is a shrinkage/broken item.

Total Inventory Control

The Inventory Breakdown Feature can be controlled in the Security Level settings, enabling administrators the power to determine who can perform the Breakdown Transaction, allowing for increased accountability over transactions.

inventory breakdown image 1
inventory breakdown image 2

Generate a Breakdown Report

The Inventory Breakdown Report shows a list of all items received from the breakdown. The fields can include: Inventory ID#, Stock Item#, Breakdown Inventory ID# , Breakdown Quantity, and Breakdown Location…

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