Asset Tracking & Inventory System New Report Feature Enhancements

“Today we’re here to walk through the updated reporting function for ASAP Systems’ Online Asset Tracking and Inventory System

The new user interface is designed to facilitate user organization and improve overall utilization. The report Column will allow users to switch between System generated reports, favorite reports and also the ability to add new reports.

By simply clicking on the report title a quick preview within activity, is generated. Clicking on the view report icon will bring up the familiar user interface that allows users to filter, email, and save as needed.

In System or Customer reports, all reports categories are available and the number of reports available in each category will also be displayed along the side. The new icons along the reports name will allow you to add them to the favorite’s list, copy report, schedule as well as open the report preview which can also be done from the icon here. Pressing the add new button will open the new user interface, here users are able to provide the report name select the category they would like the report to be in, and also, choose which details the would like to see in the system these details can be added by double-clicking, selecting with the arrows and also drag and drop.

The basic organization can be added to the report via grouping and the preview function will allow users to see the report before actually generating it. This will also allow them to make corrections as needed. Logo and address are easily added in as well as ensuring there is proper space on the page to view all the date from here. The users are able to either finish and dive straight into the editor or finish back to the main menu. In the customer report section, there is one additional icon the pencil which will allow users to open the familiar editor to modify the report, additionally. “