ASAP Systems Announces visual “Inventory Reporting” for its Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution


ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking solutions, announces the release of new graphs and visual reporting for its Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution. ASAP Systems’ customers will now gain critical business insight into their inventory via visual inventory reporting. A robust set of configurable charts and graphs provides reporting data quickly and accurately, raising questions about the performance of your inventory.

“Inventory data reporting remains one of the main metrics required for further visibility. There is no better way to understand comprehensive inventory data than graphs and charts,” affirms Nickolas Saliba, Digital Marketing Manager. “Opportunities for incorporating visual inventory reporting exist in multiple areas of our inventory management system. We made realizing those opportunities one of our primary missions in 2018.”

Inventory charts and graphs not only ensure integral supplies are readily available but also custom data aggregation. Charting numbers serves as a powerful visual aid simplifying interpretation of the data. Administrators and executives can choose the most suitable chart for their data from a variety of distinct formats including column charts, bar charts, line graphs and pie charts.

Conveniently, users can opt to view inventory by stock number, category or type. Line graphs are useful for identifying market trends. Seasons or periods of changing market activity can be identified to enhance marketing strategies. The stock control chart provides insight on inventory levels including minimum, maximum, reordering and receiving data.

About ASAP Systems

We solve the biggest problem in inventory management and asset tracking. Through many years of experience, working on a vast range of unique customer requirements, we have developed unmatched expertise in creating solutions to fit almost any budget, technical or user requirement. Our highly-configurable and scalable barcode-based tracking systems are designed to provide maximum ROI today, tomorrow and into the future. Offices in San Jose, California (headquarters) and Austin, Texas.