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Asset Pictures and Documents
Asset Conditions
Purchasing and Lease Info
Warranty Info and Expiration
Service Contract Info and Expiration
Purchase Orders
Parent-Child Relationships
Asset Transactions
Physical Inventory
General Features
Barcode Label Printing (Avery & Zebra)
User-Configuration Interface Views
Click-Sortable Columns
Configurable Data Fields
Configurable Barcode Labels
Configurable Role-Based Security
Mobile Device Licensing
$ 15 /device / month
$ 15 /device / month
$ 15 /device / month
Mobile App
Iphone and Ipad Compatibility
Android Smartphone & Tablet Compatibility
Motorola Barcode Scanner Compatility
Box (Data Backup)
3rd Party Integration Tool (Non - Premium)
3rd Party Integration Tool (Premium)
Add-On Features
$ 15 /month
$ 15 /month
$ 15 /month
<$ 15 /month
<$ 15 /month
$ 15 /month
Built-In QuickStart Guide
Training Videos
Screen Share Training
$ 199 /hour
$ 199 /hour
$ 199 /hour

BarCloud Plans & Pricing FAQ

What is concurrent user pricing, and what does it mean for me?

Concurrent user pricing saves you money because you only pay for the users who actually use the system. You don't pay for users who only access the system once in a while, and on top of that, view-only users don’t count against your license! BarCloud user licensing is friendly and flexible.

What other pricing plans do you offer other than monthly?

BarCloud Asset pricing plans include monthly, annual (pre-pay), and multi-year (pre-pay).

Can I also track stockroom or warehouse inventory using BarCloud Asset?

Stockroom and warehouse inventory is tracked by the sister application, BarCloud Stock. Both of the systems can coexist in the same interface and share the same logins, barcode hardware, etc.

What integrations are included in each pricing tier?

All pricing tiers allow for integration with QuickBooks Online, Box and Active Directory without any extra work. Additionally, all pricing tiers can set up integrations with apps in the Zapier Zapbook via the BarCloud Open API.

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