Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions For the Military

Hello and Thank you for your interest in our industry-leading and complete Tracking Solution for all Military divisions including the US Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, and All military contractors.  We are very excited to start working with the new Space Force branch.

We offer The Military and its contractors, three Tracking Solutions:

  • A Barcode based Inventory System for normal, Serialized and Batched items
  • A Barcode or RFID Based Asset Tracking System for Assets, Tools, IT, Audio-Video and other military-specific items
  • An all In one Inventory and Asset Tracking System

Users can use, share and view common system data across all sites and departments  or simply the system data relevant to their specific sites or departments only.

These systems are fully configurable by the system administrators.  Some users can add and rename an unlimited number of relevant data collection fields and an unlimited number of reports.  Built in Artificial Intelligence features along with the graphic interface simplify forecasting and decision making.

Inventory System:

Military branches and their respective departments often require specific and unique tracking functionalities to manage their inventory efficiently. Our flexible and modular system is built from ground up to meet both common and unique tracking requirements.  Our Inventory System combines inventory acquisition, movement, replenishment, reporting and all kinds of pre-approval routines required prior to ordering and consuming inventory into a complete offering.   

Once authorized by the system administrators, all levels of Military personnel can use a built in Inventory Shopping Cart to browse through internal Military Inventory, request, and view historical data. 

Asset Tracking:

All Military branches are challenged with managing thousands if not millions of fixed and mobile assets, equipment, tools, electronics, IT, computers, communication equipment and much more.  Some of the system features include acquisition, movement, Check in Check out, scheduling and performing maintenance on assets, configuring Barcode labels and choosing the information needed to appear on the labels.  Authorized users can also configure System Alerts to notify designated personnel about important information 

Finally, The “My Assets” interface will allow the system administrator to authorize military and non military personnel to easily reserve specific items for check out and request custody of assets. 

With over 30+ years experience, we’ve been serving a large number of military bases and contractors by offering the most secure, up-to-date, easy to use and user-friendly Inventory system and Asset tracking solution with the latest technologies available. 

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