General Availability of its Military Inventory Solution Piloted by the US Air Force

San Jose, California (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

ASAP Systems, a longtime provider of high-performance Inventory System, proudly announced its reimagined inventory solution, available to all branches of the United States Military and Armed Forces. Since implementing the system, Hickam Air Force Base has experienced sustained success using its barcode-based capabilities to manage over $1.8 million worth of medical supplies and equipment. ASAP Systems’ Inventory System newly enhanced and configurable inventory and asset tracking modules, which includes user-defined reporting and system access levels, has improved the visibility and security of military inventory procedures.

“We rely heavily on the configurable report feature in the Inventory System, which provides a distinguished benefit to my team. The system grants the Air Force complete visibility with regard to having the right supplies and amounts in the right locations,” says Captain John Fowler, Critical Care Air Transport Team IT Consultant and Coordinator at Hickam Air Force Base.

Our Inventory Systems reporting feature enables military bases to configure report criteria to meet mission informational demands in real time. For example, if Captain Fowler and his team need to immediately transport-specific medical supplies to several sites, they could instantly generate a report on the quantity, location, cost, and expiration dates of available inventory straight from a mobile barcode scanner. Furthermore, Captain Fowler could share the report via email or SMS text to all teams involved in the mission to provide an accurate snapshot of the current inventory status.

In addition to the easy-to-use reporting, military users also take advantage of the Inventory System user-defined system access levels in order to comply with demanding military security standards. System admins can use the inventory system to define role-based restrictions down to the data field level. This function complements the hierarchical authorization structure of the military and helps control all system transactions.

The US Navy Region Northwest has also experienced success in implementing ASAP Systems’ Inventory System to manage its on-base inventory. “We recently upgraded our inventory system and found that the features, as well as the re-installation support we received, were outstanding. All three of our sites were up and running very quickly,” said Dan Briest, Contracting/Procurement Officer for Navy Region Northwest.

About ASAP Systems
ASAP Systems is a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems that uses barcode technology with barcode scanners, smartphones, and tablets. We help improve profitability by eliminating manual data entry, paper files, and forms and by automating record keeping. With our online inventory and asset system, businesses know 24/7 how and where assets and inventory are received, stored, used and disposed of in the warehouse, in the field, and in the office.