Three Dog Logistics


Three Dog Logistics is the main issue solver via the post office and package industry. They help customers beat strategic obstacles and decrease postage costs through inventive reasoning, resources, and innovation. Three Dog Logistics gives a full suite of mail coordinations and bundle arrangements with one shared objective: to enable businesses to save money on postage, shipping, and related services. From commingling to tracking, outsourcing to global mailing, kitting, and gathering product sample fulfillment.


After an extensive search through the search engines, Three Dog Logistics found ASAP Systems Inventory System the best Solution for their Inventory issues.

The main purpose Three Dog Logistics opted for an Inventory System is the growing necessity to have real-time visibility of items in their facility. They decided to go through with a web-based system due to easy accessibility and convenience. Also, to assist them with inventory trends, stock on order, and forecasting.


The Kitting/Assembly Tracking System was one of the deciding factors that prompted Three Dog Logistics’ move to our Inventory System. The Kitting Feature, allows them to easily group multiple raw materials or components into one unit.

In addition, the highly configurable software allows them to make the necessary arrangements to adapt their daily routines, and work processes made ASAP Systems an easy choice.


Three Dog Logistics was managing on a daily basis around 500 stock items. After implementing our  Inventory System they are able to handle over 1000 Stock items due to the Time saving our solution provided.

Three Dog Logistics experience constant changes in their business, and our System easily met those changes with the highly configurable features.


ASAP Systems Inventory System served Three Dog Logistics with gaining maximum efficiency and accurate inventory data. Furthermore, expanding the capacity to handle more inventory items, growing their business, and taking it to the next level. Our Inventory System provided Three Dog Logistics with several of the online and Barcode-Based Inventory functionalities they requested. After implementation and training, Three Dog Logistics’ Staff was able to effortlessly access all inventory data, and perform all transactions with ease and efficiency.