Inventory System & Asset Tracking for New York State Department of Health

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New York State Department of Health:

The New York State Department of Health’s mission is “To protect, improve and promote the health, productivity, and well-being of all New Yorkers.  The department works to provide initiatives and strategies to promote population health and prevention. In addition, the department works to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to high-quality and affordable health care.


The biggest challenge facing the New York Department of Health was the ability to track their over 30,000 assets, across multiple locations throughout the state.  In their search for an effective solution, price point and user-friendliness was a major concern for the department. Michaell Wein, a department representative, explains “Our big need was to have current asset inventory and be able to track where our assets are across multiple sites across the state. We needed a system that was easy to use and not costly.”




Our easy to use,  Inventory System and Asset Tracking System was the perfect solution for the New York Department of Health.  The cost-effective system allowed the department to accurately track all their assets and manage inventory across 33 different locations. With locations throughout the state, Wein explains,  “Creating all the models was easy thanks to the import feature. Techs adjusted quickly on how to use the App.”




 Not only is our  Inventory System and Asset Tracking System budget-friendly, but it also helps save the department additional money through greater efficiency by effectively tracking equipment. In addition, increased visibility offers the opportunity to make more strategic decisions on equipment replacement. With 33 locations, accuracy and an easy to use system is a must. “The system is really easy for the techs to learn and use, ” adds Wein.


Saving time and money, our Barcode Based System continues to offer the New York Department of Health the best in class service for all their Inventory and Asset Tracking needs, allowing them to better serve their communities.