NCDHHS Asset Tracking


North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services was transitioning to a new facility, and needed an effective way to track their property. Like many organizations, they were tracking their inventory through a spreadsheet, and were unable to create detailed reports of what inventory they had.

They studied their options carefully, and participated in online demos from different inventory tracking providers, before deciding if our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution fit their needs best. They were also looking for a product that had iOS mobile app.


NCDHHS team was transitioning to a new facility, and needed to track all their IT equipment, which included computers, monitors, iPads, phones. They had over 2000 assets to keep track of. Not only were they needing an accurate count of all equipment on hand, they also needed to account for any inventory that was surplus. In addition, they needed to know their inventory on hand at any time.


For the NCDHHS team to have success in meeting their needs and resolving their challenges with their current tracking methods, they needed a barcode system with robust reporting, a detailed search function, and great customer support. With our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution, they are saving a tremendous amount of time tracking items and running reports for accurate amounts of inventory, versus their previous method of using a spreadsheet.

“After doing the online demo with several products and meeting internally, we felt that ASAP Systems’ Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution was feature rich and was more flexible to meet our needs.”

Easy Transition and Use

NCDHHS was moving to a new facility and because our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution was so easy to use, they were able to have a smooth transition by onboarding all their new locations and new equipment in as they deployed it.

Customized & Easy to Use Reporting

It was important that they could easily search and find the equipment they needed; in fact, that is the feature they use the most! They were also able to customize their reports so they could track locations of assets, which items were considered surplus, and being able to run specific reports.