Biomedical Devices of Kansas


Biomedical Devices of Kansas opted to use ASAP systems’ Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution for its highly configured features.


Biomedical Devices Of Kansas needed to be able to track consumable inventory and to be able to read inventory reports. BMDK desired to know its inventory on hand at any time and also wanted the ability to use hand-held systems to read barcodes and update remotely. BMDK faced problems with manual tracking systems, and decided to use an Inventory Tracking System for its growing business.


ASAP Systems’ Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution met the requirements and provided room to grow. It’s a complete system comprised of a desktop software application and mobile barcode scanners driven by the matching mobile app. The Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution removed the problem of manually conducting physical inventory by providing a mobile barcode scanner. The mobile barcode scanners work with existing barcoded asset tags as well as serial numbers on electronic equipment.
One of the key benefits of using our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution to track Biomedical Devices of Kansas’ inventory is the ability to quickly generate reports that give detailed information about their inventory status at any given time. With our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution employees can generate reports quickly that show inventory levels and locations.
Prior to implementing our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution, Biomedical Devices of Kansas did all of these calculations manually. Today, their process is more efficient and accurate. The Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution can grow with Biomedical Devices of Kansas.
Biomedical Devices of Kansas is a fast–growing organization, they need to be able to make changes to their tracking and management program as they evolve.
The Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution allows Biomedical Devices of Kansas to configure data collection fields as needed, molding the system to fit their culture and processes. For example, they can assign user permission levels that ensure employees are looking only at the data that is relevant to their work. Our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution is a flexible system which allows this configurability.


Biomedical Devices of Kansas improved processes and efficiency by implementing an inventory tracking system. Not only does the system save time with inventory tracking, but it also saves a significant amount of money. It eliminates redundant inventory which can result in unnecessary, overstocked supplies.
Using our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution’s configurable reporting feature, Biomedical Devices of Kansas has the ability to select what data to generate into a report. They can decide which specific columns and criteria to report. Therefore, they may pull useful insights from the data acquired through the tracking of their inventory.
These reports can show numeral data, product descriptions, costs, brands, and inventory levels, among other information. After a report is completed, the document can be exported as a PDF file or excel file, and sent in an email, making the data available to selected recipients. In addition, reporting allows Graveman and his teams to understand what items are used and gain a deeper understanding of inventory levels throughout each location.