ASAP Systems Releases Its Energy Industry-Focused Inventory and Asset Tracking System

San Jose, CA (September 04, 2013)—ASAP Systems, focuses on improving the way companies within the energy industry track and manage their fixed assets and inventory consumables to ensure all data is automated to save time and money. Energy companies using our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution, centralize and automate inventory effectively by managing the complete life cycle of such inventory. In addition, our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution for Energy companies helps track and manage fixed assets such as equipment, tools, and vehicles by utilizing the system’s asset tracking features like asset maintenance schedules and checking in and out items.

ASAP Systems’ energy-focused inventory control system increases the overall efficiency of managing different types of inventories in multiple locations or multiple independent sites. our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution accommodates all energy-related types of inventory including standard, serialized, batch-lot, serialized with quantity, and non-inventoried items. Specifically, in the energy industry, energy companies can track solar panels and electronic parts using serial numbers using our Inventory system’s serialized inventory functionality.

ASAP Systems’ Solution also empowers energy companies to track all aspects of an asset assigned to a certain individual or job site. Using our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution in the energy industry gives users the ability to track all sorts of assets such as tools, vehicles, equipment, and documents. With all the assets and equipment used within the energy industry, energy companies can use the check-in and out feature to track assets by location or person using serial numbers and model numbers, due dates, as well as scheduling and performing asset maintenance.

“We adapted our inventory and asset tracking system to the exact needs of companies within the energy industry,” said Elie Touma, President, and CEO of ASAP Systems. “Energy companies can utilize features that are necessary for their industry.”

Energy companies can also take advantage of the modernized our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution Mobile App, an extension of ASAP Systems’ inventory and asset system software. The Mobile App allows everyone to scan barcodes using industrial scanning devices such as the Motorola Mobile Computers or their own consumer-grade devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices or Windows Mobile devices. Such devices will enable mobile users to conduct transactions, create reports, view analytical charts and graphs.