Inventory System and Asset Tracking Helps the Education Sector

Nursing Inventory Control Solution

ASAP Systems solves Belmont University School of Nursing’s inventory control problems with a robust, mobile barcode scanning solution in order to improve accountability and administrative visibility. The nursing school switched from a paper and pen system to our Inventory System and Asset Tracking for the ability to track the location and use of consumable medical inventory such as gauze, tubing, and syringes.

Automate Stock inventory lifecycle

our Inventory System helps automate the entire stock inventory lifecycle from when items are received on campus, to when they are moved to classrooms or storage locations until they are used or issued out. And, our complete Inventory system will accommodate the tracking of different inventory types, such as standard or serialized, and lot or batch inventory types, including expiration dates.

Track Maintenance schedules for assets

In addition, our Asset Tracking System is capable of tracking maintenance schedules for assets such as medical equipment and simulation manikins. And our powerful system provides users the ability to perform maintenance tasks in order to extend the useful life of all assets.