Morning Star Baptist Church


Morning Star Baptist Church needed to track asset inventory and the ability to create reports of property throughout the organization, and not depend on manual asset tracking. By using ASAP Systems’ barcode asset tracking system, they eliminated the added cost of personnel, time, and additional expenses and resources tied up with manually tracking equipment.


Morning Star Baptist Church was looking for an asset tracking solution that had multiple capabilities, including barcodes, reporting, identifying, calculating, updating and disposing of property on an ongoing basis. They were manually tracking property, which included musical equipment, furniture, lawn equipment and computer equipment.


Morning Star Baptist Church was looking first and foremost at property accountability, which led them to research several inventory tracking companies and their systems. After researching multiple companies and online demonstrations, they decided the intuitive functions and additional features of our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutiont fit their needs best.

Easy-To-Use and Great Technical Support

After the initial training process, MSBC was able to deploy the asset tracking system in a straightforward manner, with very few challenges. ASAP Systems’ staffwas always ready to answer any questions they had along the way. “The learning of the system was very user friendly, which took personnel very little time to comprehend and to apply its use in the inventory program.”


With our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution, MSBC is able to configure the inventory system in order to fit their specific needs and requirements. The system enables users to print barcode labels, categorize each item, and create reports. This provides visibility throughout the entire organization.

Configurale Reporting

Our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution allows the creation and usage of reports throughout the organization, and allows them to track what department is accountable for the asset, and whether the item was donated, sold, or disposed of and where it was located.