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Inventory System and Asset Tracking - Case Studies

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Our Inventory System and Asset Tracking System - Case Study

Inventory System - Cs062 -img1

Inventory System For a Non Profit Organization

GROW CENTRAL FLORIDA GROW Central Florida works to promote environments that support increased opportunities for physical activity and healthy living for Central Florida school children. GROW, GrassRoots Outreach Within is a nonprofit organization that aims to help develop the healthiest…

Inventory System - textile - cs061

Inventory System For a Textile Company

 NEON TEXTILES Neon Textiles is a company that offers an extensive selection of faux leather and performance polyester fabrics that are designed for both residential and contract upholstery, and outdoor and marine environments. Products are produced to last years without…

Asset Tracking System - Service Provider - CS060

Asset Tracking System for a Multi-Disciplined Service Provider

McLean Delmo Bentleys McLean Delmo Bentleys is a dynamic professional services organization offering advice to all types of businesses and individuals. They are led by a group of entrepreneurs whose success in business mirrors the success of many of their…

Inventory System and Asset Tracking - Cybersecurity - cs059

Inventory System and Asset Tracking for a Cybersecurity Company

QRYPT, INC. Qrypt Inc. is an industry leader in data-security that has developed the only cryptographic solution capable of securing information indefinitely with mathematical proof as evidence. With a hand-selected team of seasoned leaders in engineering, physics, and cryptography to…

Inventory System - Packaging Cs - img1

Inventory System for a Packaging Company

TOTAL PACKAGING COMPANY Total Packaging Company Inc. is an industry leader in Innovative Packaging Solutions. They are dedicated to making manufacturers and distributors better at their packaging processes. Total Packaging Company Inc. has been a family-owned and operated business since…

Inventory System and Asset Tracking - telecommunication img1

Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions for a Communication Company

AT LINK SERVICES Headquartered in Oklahoma City, AtLink Services is a wireless internet service provider. Grown to Oklahoma’s largest internet provider and serving more than 15,000 Oklahomans, AtLink is dedicated to providing exceptional wireless internet service to rural communities. Anticipating…

Inventory System and Asset Tracking - Contracting - cs056

Inventory System and Asset Tracking for a Contracting Company

CAPITOL BOILER WORKS Based in Springfield, Virginia since 1936, Capitol Boiler Works is a mechanical service and contracting company that offers comprehensive service on all mechanical crafts. With locations in Springfield & Richmond, Va. and Baltimore & Hebron, Md. they…

inventory System Warehouse Management img1

Inventory System for a Packaging Company

LIFEBLOOM CORP Lifebloom Corp is a California based, Nutraceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Company.  They pride themselves on providing quality service for all of their customer’s wellness needs.  The company provides comprehensive services from product development, manufacturing, and packaging.  Creating a…

Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions - Distribution- img2

Inventory System and Asset Tracking for a Distribution Company

THE CHALLENGE As a rapidly growing company, the biggest challenge facing Midwest Distribution was the ability to accurately track the increasing number of assets, brought on by rapid growth and more employees. Mike Gagen, Sr. Manager of Office Operations explains,…

inventory asset tracking cs image53

Inventory System for Counseling Services

SERENITY HOUSE For over 30 years, Serenity House has consistently and successfully met the increasing demands for substance abuse treatment through a full continuum of care that includes Adult and Adolescent Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient services, DUI, as well as…

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