Warfab’s ability to implement a complete inventory system and asset tracking solution has greatly enhanced their business operations. The flexibility of the powerfyl system allows for their varied usage scenarios providing reduced shrinkage, increased capability to reconcile consigned items, and allowed them to move away from paper based shipping documents used to keep track of things.


Warfab needed to be able to track assets as well as consumable inventory. Adding to the asset tracking challenge is that they have items on consignment as well as purchased items. Also there are multiple types of locations to deal with such as moving locations, stationary locations and job locations. Equipment is shipped across the country, some of it is serialized while some isn’t, some is billable to a job while some isn’t. The inability to reconcile was a large burden.


Warfab participated in inventory system and asset tracking demos from several companies. ASAP Systems’ Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution was the most user friendly and allowed them to track everything including consumable inventory and equipment in one system. Mobile barcode scanners being part of the system provided a complete integrated solution.

Tangible Benefits

Improved processes and efficiency by implementing an inventory system reduced shrinkage. Effective tracking of the billable equipment minimized lost revenue. And the ability to reconcile consigned inventory reduced losses also.

Easy to Use

Users like the simplicity of importing item lists along with data fields related to those items. Employees have found the software to be particularly user friendly. Especially of benefit is the feature to attach pictures to items.


Warfab likes the robustness and versatility of the Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution to help track the various usage scenarios that they have. We track all stock items used in production or sent to a jobsite. We can reconcile items used versus what our consignment vendor bills us for. We can also bill used consignment items to our end customer.