Barcode Asset Tracking and Inventory System

ASAP Systems ( the best-in-class inventory and asset tracking software with barcode, today releases the beta version of its cloud-based asset tracking solution.  The beta version is now available to all customers looking for a cloud-based solution to track their high-value, high-use items and assets.

San Jose, CA (March 27, 2012)—ASAP Systems, the best-in-class Inventory System and asset tracking solution with barcode and RFID solutions, releases the beta version of its cloud-based asset tracking software solution.  The beta version is now available to all customers looking to manage their assets via a cloud-based solution.

The ASAP Systems asset tracking solution will enable customers to utilize our Asset Tracking System anywhere they have an Internet connection on any type of device, whether it is a tablet, smartphone or a mobile barcode or RFID scanner from Motorola.

“With the release of our new cloud-based Passport Assets software solution, our customers now have the choice between our best-in-class, on-premise asset tracking application or our new software as a service cloud-based solution,” says Elie Jean Touma, president, and CEO of ASAP Systems. “In addition to the release of our Asset Tracking will still have the self-customization features and modular design that ASAP Systems has become known for, such as Active Directory Integration, QuickBooks Integration, Wireless Synchronization Module, and our Multi-Database/Site Module.”

ASAP Systems customers span many industries including healthcare, education, manufacturing, and government to name a few.  Customers who run legacy, paper-based or accounting-based asset systems benefit most from ASAP Systems barcode-based solutions, with immediate improvements in the tracking and management of assets.  ASAP Systems customers report improved accuracy, reduced errors and increased the control that translates directly into cost savings.  ASAP Systems’ technology solutions ensure businesses can focus on what they do best while Passport provides the operational efficiencies to generate the highest return on investment.

About ASAP Systems

For more than 23 years, ASAP Systems has been providing proven barcode solutions for automated data collection and tracking of assets, items, and inventory to some of the world’s premier enterprises in virtually every major industry.  ASAP Systems brings tremendous depth in consultative solution expertise and an exceptional, combined solution of software and barcode equipment to companies looking to manage the inventory aspects of their business.  ASAP Systems is in a continual state of research and development, bringing only the very best to our customers, and carefully testing and proving new technologies as they emerge to ensure that they can meet the real-world demands of our customers.  Through many years of experience with a vast range of unique customer requirements, ASAP Systems has developed an unmatched expertise in customizing solutions to fit almost any budget, technical or user requirement and in providing systems that are extensible enough to grow and change with an organization. The number one goal at ASAP Systems from sales through technical support is customer satisfaction—guaranteed.

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