Asset Tracking Excels Over Spreadsheets

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Asset tracking is an important component in a business’s operations. Without knowing where and how many assets a company has, business processes can get too confusing to handle and efficiency may regress. A great solution, which many businesses deem a necessity, is a great asset tracking system.

So what’s the hold up getting asset tracking implemented?

Some businesses rely on a manual asset tracking method, such as a spreadsheet, thinking it’ll be sufficient for their needs; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Unless the business is not expecting any growth or to venture into different markets, spreadsheets are not enough for their asset tracking needs.

In fact, spreadsheets can create problems with your asset tracking.

  • Accuracy – we all make mistakes; we just want to make sure we keep it minimal when it comes to our business operations. Since spreadsheets require manually entering data, there is a risk of human error. The worst part about inputting incorrect data? There is minimal to no way for the system to inform you if there is an error. Incorrect information can be input for long periods of time before someone can notice if ever, ruining the purpose of asset tracking.
  • Time-Consuming – since manual keying in of information, employees will have to designate time out of their workday to complete this task. This is the time that employees could have dedicated to running other important operations but is now required for asset tracking. Having a spreadsheet, rather than an asset tracking system, can hurt employees’ overall productivity.
  • Minimal features – With a spreadsheet, what you see is what you get. Sure, there are tools to derive information and reports; however, with errors in the sheet, the reports wouldn’t be accurate. Therefore, the information is irrelevant. Spreadsheets don’t contain features such as notifying when an asset’s warranty is expired, or when a certain piece of equipment needs maintenance, or even if the item is in the wrong location.

Replacing sheets with an asset tracking solution provides the opportunity for your business to reach its maximum potential. At ASAP Systems, our Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution hold features such as configurable reports, accessibility from anywhere there is an internet connection, and much more. Our asset tracking solution is designed to be configured to align with every business, regardless of what industry they are in.