Enhance accountability, with a Cloud-based Asset Tracking System.

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Keeping track of equipment can be a very daunting task.  Implementing an Asset Tracking Solution is an easy way to efficiently manage assets.
ASAP Systems, the leader in cloud-based Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions based in the United States, is always striving to provide a solution to every problem occurring in every industry. Our Barcode-based Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution offers a wide range of features, such as the Check-out; Check-in Feature for Asset Tracking. This feature enhances accountability and assists users with effectively managing assets.


Check-out; Check-in feature:

The Check-out; Check-in Feature enables you to check out items and assign due dates for their return.  You will receive alerts when due dates are upcoming or past due. Once checked in, assets are automatically made available again for check out.
Let’s take a look at several different ways to use the Check-out; Check-in feature.


Construction equipment.

A construction company has over 1000 pieces of construction equipment and every project needs specific pieces of equipment. The Check-out; Check-in feature can help to ensure no equipment is lost.

Allan, a construction worker, checks out a jackhammer for use at a job site. All he needs to do is scan the barcode designated for the equipment and the feature assigns a due date for it to be checked back in.  This process will increase accountability. If the jackhammer is not returned, the asset manager can easily determine that Allan should be held accountable for it. Construction equipment is known to require routine maintenance events.  Our Asset Tracking Solution serves as a maintenance task manager that sends out Alerts when upcoming maintenance events are near. Working together with the Check-out; Check-in feature, the equipment nearing scheduled maintenance will be excluded from being checked out by the workers until maintenance has been completed.

What happens if the jackhammer is already checked out by another worker? Allan can simply reserve it by using the Reservation feature and once the jackhammer is returned, it’s ready to be checked out by Allan.


IT equipment

IT equipment is known to be on the move and a tracking system is essential to keep track of those expensive assets. Imagine the electronics and IT equipment circulating between the booth in a trade show, offsite conferences, expos, and meetings.  An Asset Tracking System is crucial to make sure that all equipment is accounted for and that the correct individual is held responsible until items are returned. Items such as external speakers, projectors, laptops, and iPads can be easily checked out, accounted for, and checked back in by simply scanning the barcode designated for each piece of equipment. This feature also can assist managers to control the theft of assets.


Communication Equipment

There are numerous industries where individuals use different communication devices such as walkie-talkies, cells… to communicate with each other. Individuals change between shifts, and everyone needs to check out proper communication devices upon arriving at work. Managers can keep track of the checked-out equipment and pursue the employee who did not check back in devices.

This Feature is perfect for organizations who are dealing with a large amount of equipment. The Check-out; Check-in feature can be used on all kinds of assets, it helps eliminate data entry errors and ensures you always know who has which assets, where they are located, and when to expect them to be returned.
If you need more information on the many features that we offer don’t hesitate to ask for a demo!