Why Asset Maintenance Management?

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What is the one infallible truth about your assets? They will eventually deteriorate. You should already be running maintenance checks on assets that are vital to your business. Management of your asset maintenance takes a little more than that.

What Asset Maintenance Management does:

Asset maintenance management goes beyond making sure your assets receive regular maintenance. To put it simply, asset maintenance management ensures you understand the longevity and productivity of your assets; how they’re undergoing maintenance; who is performing the maintenance; how often do your individual assets require a maintenance run; and how to predict/schedule upcoming maintenance needs.

What are the benefits of incorporating Maintenance Management into your Asset Tracking System:

Maintenance management means proactively increasing the life of your assets. Incorporating maintenance management into your asset tracking system, rather than maintaining disparate systems for both maintenance and asset tracking, has its benefits. It provides insight into the performance of your assets beyond monitoring their life-cycle.

With ASAP System’s Asset Maintenance Management feature, you can schedule one-time or recurring maintenance requirements; monitor the time of the conducted maintenance; attach reports to scheduled maintenance for a full audit trail, and monitor the performance of your assets.

Being able to both track your assets and manage your asset maintenance at the same time has its perks. You can determine which assets require replacing. If a piece of equipment or machinery is constantly under maintenance, an upgrade may be in order. This feature also allows you to collect data on maintenance history as well as how to schedule maintenance checks allowing you to anticipate potential lags in asset productivity.

You can also track who performs the maintenance check and assess the crew’s performance.  The Asset Maintenance Management feature also provides reports on the cost of each maintenance check allowing you to manage how much you spend on keeping your assets in shape.

At the end of the day, your ability to manage how you maintain assets can make or break your company’s ROI. This is why it’s important to have a clear-cut direction in how your company maintains its assets; you can increase your assets’ life-cycle to monitor the performance of your maintenance at the same time. Because asset maintenance management is foundational to your business, ASAP Systems incorporated asset maintenance management into its asset tracking system. This feature is meant to help you monitor your business without the added cost of purchasing multiple systems.