Inventory Control system Enhanced with DD 1149 Option

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At ASAP Systems, we aim to surpass expectations and lead the way for innovations in the asset and inventory system industry. Consequently, Our System offers the feature for users to fill out the DD 1149 Form electronically. The DD 1149 in a Depart of Defense form for the requisition and invoice/shipping of inventory and assets between parties. For instance, users such as personnel of DoD and military, as well as government contractors use the form regularly. Traditionally, users would download, print, and fill out the form. Then, extra steps such as getting signatures for authorization are necessary.


Our New DD 1149 Solution

Needless to say, the old process is time-consuming and prone to human errors. With Passport’s DD 1149 feature, users can fill out the form electronically at the touch of one’s fingertips. Passport’s Asset and Inventory system offer:

  • simple, easy to follow interface
  • the same layout as the old hardcopy users are familiar with
  • a database where past transactions can be viewed
  • automatic formatting for criteria such as date, transaction types, etc


What It Will Eliminate

As mentioned before, the traditional process of filling out the DD 1149 is prone to many human errors. With the process of printing it out, manually filling out the information, collecting signatures for authorization, a chance of the mistake is high. With the new DD 1149 Form feature, business processes can benefit from the minimization of flaws such as:

  • consumption of time – employees can now allocate the time spent on filling out the form to other important tasks
  • misspelled or incorrect information – repetitive information such as frequent locations and users can be selected and filled out instantly
  • lack of transparency – history of previous transactions are all archived for viewing and reporting purposes


DD Form 1149 Video Overview