The Cons of Not Having an Inventory System

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Implementing an inventory management system can be put low on your priority list for a business that’s experiencing and looking to promote growth; it is an investment not only financially but also in time and effort too. However, the benefits that an inventory system and asset tracking solution reaps is far from optional. Inventory systems ensure peace of mind when it comes to one of the most important factors in your business – your assets and inventory.

Too Many Assets, Too Little Time!

A business can have anywhere from five to five thousand to hundreds of thousands of different assets. With so many assets, it can be difficult for businesses to keep track of where what, and how an asset is doing. With ASAP System’s inventory system and asset tracking solutions, keeping a record of your assets can be made simple. Our inventory system allows users to either create custom barcode labels or choose from pre-made templates, configure required information to keep on record, and even use a handheld mobile device to scan the items!

Equipment Is Only As Good As It’s Health!

Equipment is a vital factor in a business’s success; without equipment, services and products that a company provides cannot be offered. If a piece of equipment breaks down unexpectedly, money is not only lost on the repair or replacement but also on not being able to provide services. Our inventory system allows users to record equipment’ maintenance dates, depreciation, and even their manufacturer’s warranty. Notifications and updates can also be scheduled so users will never miss a beat! With regular maintenance and updates, the longevity of your equipment’s’ lifespan can be increased.

Accurate Communication is the Key!

Accurate communication is essential for a smoothly functioning business. Without accurate communication, bad decisions may be made that will affect your business’s success. For instance, if there is an inaccurate count of how much product business has and a customer makes a large purchase, there may not be enough product to complete the order. A primitive way of keeping track of inventory and assets is through spreadsheets. The issue with spreadsheets is that the information may not be accurate because of human error, it may not be accessible at all times, and it requires a substantial amount of time allocated to it. With an inventory system such as Passport, users can update inventory simultaneously and print out configurable sheets to showcase important information.

ASAP Systems’ inventory system and asset tracking solution are designed to help minimize errors within companies’ operations to promote growth and success. Inventory management is made simple with our configurable system and customer support team to assist you with any issues you may have! If you are interested in trying a no-obligation free trial, please contact us. We would be more than happy to get you started.